Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Disney Gives Princesses The Boot

At the end of last year, just before the holidays, Disney announced that they would cease making princess movies. Women around
the world took in a collective gasp, some of relief and others of horror. The era of the Disney princess was drawing to a close.

The actual statement made by Disney executives says fairy tale movies, but since the majority of Disney’s fairy tale movies have
revolved around princesses, it means practically the same thing. Especially when you read further and learn the reason they are
putting princesses aside: Boys won’t see movies with icky girls in them, and Disney does not want to risk alienating any boys.

I don't understand this move at all.  Disney has been Princess centered for years, they have been to some extent alienating boys for
years, and they have made billions of dollars.  Why stop making princess movies?  Did I miss something, wasn't Tangled a box
office hit?

Instead, why doesn't  Disney just add more boy centered movies and shows.  Disney should be able to make girl movies and boy
movies at the same time.  
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