NYCC: The Disney/Marvel Kids Panel
If a panel starts out with a father explaining Doc Samson to his
ten-year old son, then you know it's going to be mighty fun. That's
exactly how the Disney/Marvel Kids panel kicked off, as the next
generation of true believers filed into the presentation room with
parents in tow. The attendees were greeted with cardboard
Spider-Man masks and a guidebook to Disney's current line of
Marvel storybooks that featured a foldout Avengers poster. Moderator
Tomas Palacios then introduced the all-ages crowd to the panel,
including Senior Editor of Disney Publishing Michael Siglain,
Disney's Director of School & Library Marketing Dina Sherman, writer
Rich Thomas, artists Val Semeiks and Craig Rousseau, Editor of
Disney Publishing Nachie Castro and Senior Vice President of
Marvel Ruwan Jayatilleke.
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