Disney's John Carter adaptation goes back to the future of film
With suited-up actors playing 12-foot Martians in locations based on Earth's
natural sights, this is a triumph for old-style film-making that could make its
competitors look prehistoric

Every time I write about John Carter, I find myself wanting to sell it to you. Usually,
writing this blog requires a careful suppression of my naturally benevolent
attitude towards fantasy fare in the knowledge that most of these movies don't
end up being half as great as we expect them to be. But Disney's adaptation of
Edgar Rice Burroughs's John Carter of Mars books is such a preposterous
proposition – the opener to a mega-budget franchise, directed by a first-time live-
action film-maker, set on a Mars that doesn't remotely resemble the real red
planet and based on a series of books from a weird outdated genre which hardly
anyone has read – that I can't help rooting for it.
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