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Epcot Facts -- Future World

The entrance to Spaceship Earth with the two shops actually created a wind tunnel where at one time guests were swept off of their feet and the
imagineers had to make adjustments after it was built. Still gets windy down there.

Spaceship Earth is 165' in diameter and could fit completely inside the Living Seas aquarium (203' diameter)! The weight of the structure is 16
million pounds, three times that of a space shuttle fueled and ready for launch.

Spaceship Earth is actually two spheres. The inner sphere is 2 feet inside away from the outer sphere. The outer "skin" of Spaceship Earth is
made up of 11,324 aluminum and plastic-alloy triangular panels

The panels have gaps between them for temperature expansion. There are also drain pipes in Spaceship Earth to catch rain water rather than
allow the water to splash on the walkways below. The water is ultimately drained into World Showcase Lagoon.

The fountain outside Innoventions can shoot water 150 feet into the air. We're not sure whether all of the jets can do that simultaneously but if
they could, there would be 2000 gallons of water in the air.

The aquarium at Living Seas measures 203' in diameter, 27' deep, and contains 5.7 million gallons of salt water. It is large enough that
Spaceship Earth (160' in diameter) would fit inside with room to spare. A standard swimming pool holds 20,000 gallons of water. One inch of
water from the surface here can fill a standard swimming pool. (5) Nearly two tons of food is produced each week for the inhabitants of the
Seas. The dolphins dine on herring and capelin; the West Indian manatees eat lettuce, carrots, sprouts, and fruit. Animal nutritionists at The
Seas manufacture the coral out of dental plaster, mixing in ground fish and other food in the process. Divers place about a dozen of these out
each day, and the parrotfish and other coral crunchers eat them up. The windows in the Coral Reef restaurant are 18' high, 8” thick, and are
made of acrylic.

The Garden Grill, a revolving restaurant in  the Living With the Land pavilion, rotates faster at lunch than at dinner. Disney wants you to
experience an entire revolution during the meal, and we tend to spend less time eating lunch or breakfast! In a year's time over 30 tons of
vegetables are harvested from the 'The Land's greenhouses and served at its restaurants and also at the Coral Reef restaurant..

The buffalo and prairie dogs were originally conceived to be part of a ride called Western River Expedition that was going to be put at WDW
instead of Pirates of the Caribbean.

During the testing of Test Track, an empty car flipped over and crashed when imagineers tried to see how fast the cars could go. The highest
recorded speed for a successful run was 89 MPH, while the maximum speed during normal operation is around 60 MPH.

Epcot Facts and Figures -- World Showcase

The World Showcase lagoon is 185 acres in size and is larger than Disneyland in California!

The walkway around the World Showcase is 1-1/2 Miles.

The original Gol Stave Church, replicated at Norway, dates to the early 1200s and is at the Norsk Folke Museum near Oslo, Norway. There are
28 similar churches still existing in Norway. These 600-year old buildings are the oldest wooden structures in the world today. They may not last
for long. People claiming to be pagans have set fire to some of these amazing old churches in recent years.

The American Adventure pavilion was originally supposed to be at the front of World Showcase, hiding the lagoon and leaving the Mexico
pavilion (on the left) and the Canada pavilion (on the right) visible in the distance. Later it was decided to have the entire lagoon in view and the
American Adventure pavilion now occupies the center position across the lagoon..

When you go to see the show at American Adventure, you will have to go up to what seems to be the second floor. The reason for this is that all
of the different sets with the Presidents on them are actually stored under the seating area. They come sliding out as they are needed and then
go back under when they are finished.

A Rhine River attraction was originally planned for the Germany pavilion. A building was even built for it, but the attraction was never constructed.
A pair of massive wooden doors at the rear of the outdoor cafe is the only indication of the show building behind the stone castle wall. (Taken
from "Since the World Began")

The Japan pavilion was scheduled to receive a feature attraction in October of 1983: "Meet the World", a Carousel of Progress-type history show,
which can today be seen at Tokyo Disneyland, The Epcot version was never completed.

Since the Eiffel Tower in France isn.t full scale, it is coated with a sticky substance so birds won.t perch on it and spoil the size illusion.

At United Kingdom Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room in Epcot World Showcase, a specially designed ale warmer can heat your Guinness to
55 degrees, the temperature favored by the British.

Over 26,000 lights outline the various pavilions in World Showcase, enough lights to stretch across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge six
times when spaced the same distance apart.
Epcot Fast Facts
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