World Showcase contains pavilions representing eleven countries.  


Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros a boat ride adventure
with Jose, Panchito, and Donald Duck.

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

San Angel Inn is the corporate sibling to Mexico City's restaurant of the same name, which dates back to

Cantina de San Angel is a counter-service fast-food establishment which serves food such as tacos, burritos,
nachos, and churros.

La Cava de Tequila:  Just what it sounds like... An awesome Tequila bar.  Located inside the temple.

Live entertainment:
Mariachi Cobre


Maelstrom: is a boat ride into Norway's past and present.

Restaurant Akershus
Kringla Bakeri og Kafe

The Puffin's Roost

Stave Church (houses an exhibit on Vikings)
Spelmanns Gledje


Reflections of China: is a Circle-Vision 360° movie exploring China's history and scenery.

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

Nine Dragons, a full-service gourmet Chinese restaurant featuring traditional Chinese fare, such as
two-course Peking duck.

Live entertainment:
Dragon Legend Acrobats

The American Adventure:
The American Adventure is a stage show about American history using


Impressions de France: is a panoramic movie which visits many of France's cities and
historical structures.

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

Chefs de France
Bistro de Paris
Boulangerie Pâtisserie

Serveur Amusant - A comedy juggler show

Canada :
O Canada! is a Circle-Vision 360° movie of Canada's cities and scenery.

Le Cellier Steakhouse provides sit down restaurant service. The interior is to give the impression of a wine
cellar as its name suggests. Food offerings include seafood and steaks, along with popular Canadian wines
and beer. It's located in the main building of the pavilion, Hotel du Canada.

Northwest Mercantile currently sells wilderness themed Christmas ornaments, NHL Jerseys and
accessories (for Canada's six teams), a variety of animal plush, Maple Syrup, and a selection of Canadian
Wines and Ice Wines. It is located in the trading post building, which is designed to look like a traditional
West coast native longhouse.
The Wood Cart (located on the promenade) currently sells a variety of wine-themed merchandise, animal
plush, flags and other assorted goods. The Cart also features an engraving stand, where guests can have
their names engraved onto genuine leather bracelets, cuffs, cell phone strap charms, and Disney character

Off Kilter is a Celtic Rock band which debuted in the Canada pavilion July 1 1997.[citation needed] They
currently play in the Canada pavilion throughout the week.


Gardens in the Canada exhibit at EpcotThe Victoria Gardens which are adjacent to the Hotel du Canada are
inspired by the Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia. The gardens are the largest (and most
labour intensive) of all the national pavilions.
World Showcase
Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

Biergarten Restaurant:
a buffet restaurant designed to look as though Oktoberfest is being celebrated there. Schnitzel, strudel and
beer offer a taste of Bavaria at the Biergarten Restaurant. It features live entertainment and beer served in
33-ounce steins. The dining hall is actually in the entrance area for the never built boat cruise down the Rhine.
a quick-service restaurant

Das Kaufhaus
Die Weihnachtsecke

Miniature Train and Village: A small outdoor model garden railway. It was originally created for the Flower and
Garden Festival, but was kept due to its popularity.The trains used in the exhibit are LGB.
Glockenspiel: The clock that overlooks St. Georges Platz.
St. George: A large statue of St. George slaying a dragon.


Tutto Italia

Il Bel Cristallo

World Showcase Players



Teppan Edo
At Teppan Edo (formerly called "Teppanyaki Dining Room"), chefs prepare stir-fried foods right in front of the
guests, just like other Teppanyaki restaurants.

The Mitsukoshi department store sells many Japanese items, including clothing, jewelry, books, manga,
anime items (such as posters), and toys. It has been expanded in recent years to include a far greater variety
of items than before. More specifically, a greater portion of the store sells Japanese pop-culture related items,
presumably to take advantage of the growing interest in these types of products in America.


One of the unique offerings at this pavilion is live demonstrations by Miyuki, a candy artist. This art goes back
over 250 years in Japan with artists creating animals or flowers from very hot, soft dough that hardens when it
cools. Of the current 15 Japanese candy artists, Miyuki is the only woman.[5]

Matsuriza Taiko drummers at Epcot's JapanMatsuriza are traditional Taiko drummers and a Japanese
Storytellers located at the base of the pagoda.[6]


Restaurant Marrakesh - Serves various types of Moroccan cuisine including: Harira soup, Pastilla Appetizers,
couscous, various lamb dishes, and shisk kabob.
Tangerine Cafe - Serves hummus, various salads, rotisserie chicken, Baklava along with beverages
including coffee, mint tea, slushies, beer, and carbonated beverages

Mo'Rockin - Rock and roll music set to Arabian rhythms
Character Appearances - Often throughout each day, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and the Genie from Disney's
Aladdin appear at the Morocco Pavilion to meet and greet guests and take pictures.

Tangier Trades - Sells jewelry, Moroccan clothing and shoes, mirrors made from camel bones, and daggers
Brass Baazar - Mosaic fountains and brass and silver plates and mirrors
Outdoor Baazar - extension of the Brass Baazar. Items include decorative ceramic tiles and vases, Moroccan
instruments, and handmade baskets.
Medina Arts - More ceramics.
Casablanca Carpets - Offers Moroccan-made rugs,lanterns, and sconces.
Souk-Al-Magreb - Sells belly dancing how-to's, couscous and the cooking utensils to make couscous, fez
hats, and rose water

United Kingdom

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room
A full service restaurant that serves English cuisine in both an indoor and outdoor setting. The indoor section
resembles a pub, while the outdoor seating is located on a patio overlooking the lake. Lunch and dinner are
served daily. Dishes include Potato and Leek Soup, Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, and Baileys Irish
Cream Irish Coffee Trifle.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop
A quick service Harry Ramsden's counter restaurant that serves only fish, chips, and shortbread. Drinks,
including beer, are available. Seating is outdoors only. It should be noted that Yorkshire is very rarely referred
to as "Yorkshire County", despite being a county.

The Toy Soldier
Sells wooden toys, Thomas The Tank Engine trains, DVDs, swords, shields, action figures, books, British
police hats, stuffed animals, and quills with ink, Narnia merchandise.

The Crown and Crest
Sells The Beatles merchandise. Including, DVDs, CDs, books, Shirts, lunch boxes, biscuit jars, key rings and

The Historical Research Center. Sells family crests, shirts and lets you look at your family history

Sportsman's Shoppe
Sells football team apparel, footballs, and books about football and Rugby Balls.

The Tea Caddy
Sells Twinings Tea, teaballs, teacups, teapots, and British sweets

UK Cart
Sells Walt Disney World Trading pins, lanyards, Minnie and Mickey Mouse Plushes, Shot glasses and UK

The British Invasion - Beatles tribute band
Pub Pianist - Piano player in the Rose & Crown
World Showcase Players - Roving comedy show
Pub Magician - Close- up magic in the Rose & Crown USA, LLC
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