Cinderellas Castle
The Magic Kingdom was the first park built at the Walt Disney World resort, it opened on October 1,
1971. The Magic Kingdom saw an estimated 17 million visitors in 2008, making it the most visited
theme park in the world.

Designed and built by WED Enterprises (now known as Walt Disney Imagineering), the Magic
Kingdom's layout and attractions are similar to the  Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.  Similar,
just bigger, better and way cooler.

This is the quintessential Disney park.  If it is your first time or the first time with someone new, you
have to start here.  There is no greater feeling than walking on to Main Street USA for the first time...or
watching someone else do it.

The Magic Kingdom is separated into 7 unique and distinct lands, each one delivering a special
themed experience.  
Check out these different lands by clicking the link on the left.

Getting There:
If you are arriving by car, you will have to use the the Magic Kingdom parking lot, whichis also the
Ticket and Transportation Center. The Magic Kingdom  Parking lot opens about two hours before the
park’s official opening.

The Magic Kingdom parking lot (like all of the Disney parking lots) charges a fee. Next, you are
directed to a parking space, then transported by tram to the Transportation and Ticket Center, where
you catch either a monorail or ferry to the park’s entrance.

If you’re staying at the Contemporary, Polynesian, or Grand Floridian Resorts, you can commute
directly to the Magic Kingdom by monorail.         If you stay at Wilderness Lodge and Villas or Fort
Wilderness Campground, you will take a boat. Guests at other Disney resorts can reach the park by
bus. All Disney lodging guests, whether they arrive by bus, monorail, or boat, are deposited at the park’
s entrance, bypassing the Transportation and Ticket Center.
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The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney
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