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At Disney's All Star Sports Resort, gigantic football helmets, megaphones, surfboards and
basketballs team up with value prices to score a winning Walt Disney World vacation at Disney's
All-Star Sports Resort.

swimming pool, baseball bats a 50-foot-tall man could use on his field of dreams. . . and the
lowest-priced Disney room rates beginning at $82, based on season.

The 1,920-room family resort sports five themes: football, baseball, basketball, tennis and surfing.
Convenient complimentary transportation to all Disney attractions is offered.

Music, landscaping and lighting create sports scenes -- palm trees arranged to look like a
basketball team at tip-off, a courtyard that resembles a football field, a pool in the shape of a
baseball infield, and neon and fiber optics highlighting the main icons.

Here's the lineup:

•Bold colors glisten on 38-foot-tall surfboards complementing the deep aqua tones of Surf's Up.
More than 950 colorful fish appear to be swimming along a "wavy" balcony. Two giant "shark fins"
encircle a free-form pool surrounded by swaying palms.
•Pennants of favorite college teams -- from Blue Devils and Tigers to Boilermakers and Gators --
rim the Hoops Hotel roof line. Basketballs five feet in diameter round out the railings.
•Stadium lights, scoreboards and an outfield fence recall a day at the ballpark at Home Run Hotel.
•Giant footballs teed for kickoff and larger-than-life football helmets welcome fans to Touchdown!
•Center Court features stairwells in the shape of tennis cans. Oversized tennis balls decorate the
Red, white and blue star-shaped seating, caged lighting such as in a basketball gym, and
miniature red lockers delight sports fans at Stadium Hall, the resort's main check-in area.

Sports scenes such as surfing and football decorate the walls in the End Zone food court. Giant
sports figures sit atop brightly colored green, blue and red dining booths. A selection of food is
offered -- from pizza, pasta and roasted chicken, to barbecue and salads. Also featured: the All-Star
"bottomless" mug, which can be used for unlimited refills at the food court's beverage island during
the length of stay.

The name of the game is athletics in the guestrooms, which feature sports-themed bedspreads,
megaphone light fixtures and artwork depicting sports scenes. Standard guestrooms sleep four.
Connecting rooms and disabled-accessible rooms are available.

Other guest areas include Team Spirits pool bar, Sport Goofy Gifts & Sundries, Game Point Arcade
and coin-operated washers and dryers.
Disney's All Star
Sports Resort
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